A Wayne Krantz Skype Lesson Q&A (v.1 5/17)

What is a WK “Skype Lesson?”

WK has been teaching for a long, LONG time…since he was 16 or so.
After having given hundreds (thousands?) of private lessons,
after doing countless workshops and clinics at music colleges around the world,
after experiencing many, many wild stints at music camps in Europe and Canada
and after having taught regularly at NYU & Berklee at various times over the years,
WK has, truth be told, gotten pretty GOOD at this whole teaching thing.

Being that he is not always in one place for extended periods of time,
WK is looking to develop a base of students that can basically follow him around,
via the wonders of face to face video technology provided by our friends at Skype,
and achieve the one-on-one information/inspiration exchange
which WK continues to strive for with his teaching and playing
no matter where in the world he - and you - happen to be.

What gets covered in WK Skype Lessons?

A few common threads are:
Composition: need help finishing that song that you’ve had 2 bars of
for the last 6 months/years? Need help getting ideas for songs in the first place?
Need to know how to make songs well enough to not have to ask help for it anymore?
Improvisation: What is it? How does one do it? Why do it? How do you get people to tolerate you doing it?
Rhythm: How do you think it? How do you play it? How do you play it precisely?
How do you make it groove and feel good?
Chords: How can you play them creatively? How to get beyond the usual grips?
Melody: Where does it come from? How does the ear work? How can I use it more when I’m playing,
get away from playing the same licks over and over?
Bands: How do we make ours sound better? How do we make jamming sound better?
Theory, practicing scales, Improviser’s OS: Does any of it really matter? If so, how do you do it?
Originality: What does “finding your own voice” mean? Why do it? Why not do it? How do you do it?
Inspiration: I’m stuck in a rut; bored. What do I do?
The Guitar: How do you play it? How do you make it sound good?

Do I need to be a guitar player to take WK Skype Lessons?

Nope. Most of WK’s students are guitar players, but anybody interested in talking music is welcome,
any instrument or no instrument.

At what level do I need to be to take WK Skype Lessons?

Any level. All that’s needed is interest and energy.

What equipment do I need to be able to take a WK Skype lesson?

A computer with a built-in mic, the free Skype app (https://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-computer/)
and an internet connection. It’s really simple! No techie prowess required.

How much are WK Skype Lessons?

The two available rates are: USD$150 to schedule a single 1-hour lesson,
USD$375 to schedule three 1-hour lessons.

How do I pay and how are the WK Skype Lessons scheduled?

Send your payment via PayPal (https://www.paypal.com/home) to WK’s address: wk@waynekrantz.com .
He will receive immediate notification of your payment
and within 48 hours will contact you to schedule your lesson times.

What’s with the Skype Lessons? Miles Davis didn’t give Skype lessons, did he?

No, in fact. Nor did Jimi or Django.
But teaching has always been a part of WK’s life, since the earliest days of his guitar playing,
and he would like to continue that even though schedule doesn’t always allow him
to consistently be in one place long enough to have ongoing students.
He’s hoping this digital scenario will allow just that.
If it does, great!