Greenwich Mean was recorded in '99-'00.

It was the beginning years of the 2nd WK trio, w/ Tim Lefebvre and Keith Carlock.
Back then, every weekly gig at the 55 Bar was recorded by Dr. Marc Bobrowsky,
who sat motionless in the front row for the hour-long sets
with stereo mics attached to his glasses.

Occasionally, Will Lee would sub when Lefebvre couldn't make it.

GM is our best playing of that era, taken from 100 hours of live tapes.
It took a year to edit. Almost all of it was improvised.
When something resembling composition was needed for balance,
it was created, sliver by 16th-note sliver, from the live 2-track.
Once the record was finished,
the band learned the newly constructed songs for the first time
and worked them into the show.

There was some sacrifice, sonically.
It's not multi-track and it's not quite a studio quality recording.
But there's no other way this record could have been made
and we felt it deserved to exist as it was.
We liked the way it sounded.

Still do.

It was the first independent production by waynekrantz.com
and was never sold anywhere (officially) other than WK's website.
People would mail in their checks
and WK would pack up the disc and take it down to the post office.
This went on for years with GM and with its successors,
Your Basic Live, YBL '06 and An Improvisor's OS.
Not a big deal these days maybe,
but at the time it was considered eccentric at best.

When WK's self-imposed indie exile ended (?)
with his association with the label Abstract Logix,
GM fell through the cracks for a while, which was sad.
But this site, livekrantz.com, will now be its home
for the forseeable future for anyone who is interested in it.

It's a funky, soulful thing, GM.

Greenwich Mean is offered here as a free download,
meaning that anyone is free to download it without paying for it.
Naturally that's how most music changes hands these days.
But in this case it's sanctioned by the artist.
In fact it was his idea.

Why doesn't WK give GM to a label and sell it that way?
Because Greenwich Mean was and always will be
the epitome of an indie production, on all levels.
It should never be commercially available.

Should you be so moved, you are welcome
(and it must be said, encouraged)
to hit the DONATE switch and, through the miracle of PayPal
(you don't even need an account anymore, all credit cards accepted),
send a monetary acknowledgement of any amount
directly to Wayne Krantz for GM or any other project of his
you feel warrants it.
It would certainly be appreciated.
Not neccessary, or expected.
But appreciated!